The Learning Tree Preschool

Our Preschool Day

At The Giving Tree we want to make sure that each moment counts! Our days are filled with love, fun and play! And through all that love, fun and play we are always learning! Our staff is strategic in planning– what we teach, when we teach and how we teach it, always being cognizant of developmentally appropriate practices.

To help ensure that we reach all of our goals, The Giving Tree has developed a preschool scope and sequence based on The Kansas Early Learning Standards. This is the basic blue print we follow when planning that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual student. We have developed two different documents to meet the needs of both our 3/4 year old students and our 4/5 year old students. All material in our scope and sequence is presented to students through a variety of engaging activities, designed to keep interest high, resulting in success! Sometimes students work independently or through choice to meet goals, other times our students may work in teacher- led small groups. We may even take our learning out to the playground! At The Giving Tree each day is planned with purpose and learning is fun!

Click the links below for a closer look at our scope and sequence.

Age 3 Scope and Sequence 2023-2024

Age 4-5 Scope and Sequence 2023-2024